Watching the bump

Bumps on the road mean that we slow down. We associate them with slow or lack of progress. But not all bumps are bad. Some bumps in life mean there is more to life than just one life. They are a source of joy, happiness, and expectations.

Here is the bump that means a lot. What do you think is in Ruth’s mind?

Ruth Smiling and thinking, and posing for the camera

But again, it takes a family to raise a baby, and in Africa, it actually takes a whole village. Both parents must rise to the occasion. On the faces, you can read excitement, happiness, concern, expectations, and way much more.

Ruth, Jacob and the baby

But so much thoughts go into it. Think of the nine month journey. The unknown future. The cost of healthcare. The risks involved. The bills to be paid. The sleepless nights to come. But then, isn’t that what we live for???

think and be happy

The journey is not a journey unless it is captured. Baptist Kimondo captures those moments well. Enjoy


Photographer: Baptist Kimondo

Couple: Ruth and Jacob

Location : BTL Ruiru




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