A Beautiful Wedding Day||Agatha ❤ Solomon

It is a chilly morning of 9th June 2018, a beautiful Nairobi wedding day as Agatha and her girls are getting their make-up done. While on the other side Solomon and his boys are having a less tense time getting ready for the big day. Women outside ululate as they sing traditional wedding songs, her cue that she should be getting out, it’s her wedding day! But not before one last smile for the camera, Cheese!! The church, St. Joseph […]


Welcome to net plus which is an event where people, especially the youths come together to interact, have fun through different kinds of games, and of course read and share the word of God. well, this is how it went down. To looking good. …..and random interactions.

Watching the bump

Bumps on the road mean that we slow down. We associate them with slow or lack of progress. But not all bumps are bad. Some bumps in life mean there is more to life than just one life. They are a source of joy, happiness, and expectations. Here is the bump that means a lot. What do you think is in Ruth’s mind? But again, it takes a family to raise a baby, and in Africa, it actually takes a […]