A Beautiful Wedding Day||Agatha ❤ Solomon

It is a chilly morning of 9th June 2018, a beautiful Nairobi wedding day as Agatha and her girls are getting their make-up done.

While on the other side Solomon and his boys are having a less tense time getting ready for the big day.

Women outside ululate as they sing traditional wedding songs, her cue that she should be getting out, it’s her wedding day! But not before one last smile for the camera, Cheese!!

The church, St. Joseph catholic church, Kahawa sukari was the perfect venue for exchanging their vows.

Nice romantic melodious wedding songs fill the air as they sign their life time commitment.

Here comes the photo session and the best wedding photographer, Baptist Kimondo takes charge.

Wedding photography is not an easy task. You have to use your lenses to tell a story.

A best photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

Creative photography sums that up.

Food, laughter and wedding dance. What a perfect way to conclude the ceremony

What is a wedding without the bride getting a kiondo from the mother as every single moment is captured.

Champagne pops, toast to the newest couple in town, Agatha and Solomon.

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